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Niche Design, High-End Earrings, Exaggerated Temperament Earrings

Niche Design, High-End Earrings, Exaggerated Temperament Earrings

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Product information:
Style: Simple
Material: Alloy
Treatment process: Electroplating
Type: Earrings
Style: Women's
Modeling: Geometric
Packaging: Individually packed
Series: Japan and South Korea
Color: R0517-Simple C-shaped earrings, R1344-Long geometric studs, R0383-Short geometric studs, R1355-Geometric sequin studs, R1323-Geometric twist studs, R1342-Double-layer geometric studs, R1339-Geometric Stud Earrings, R1343-Geometric Disc Stud Earrings, R0335-Geometric Triangle Stud Earrings, R0652-Geometric Opal Stud Earrings
(SET1) R0517-Simple C-shaped earrings
(SET2) R1344-Long geometric earrings
(SET3) R0383-Short Geometric Stud Earrings
(SET4) R1355-Geometric sequin earrings
(SET5) R1323-Geometric Distortion Stud Earrings
(SET6) R1342-Double geometric earrings
(SET7) R1339-Geometric Stud Earrings
(SET8) R1343-Geometric disc earrings
(SET9) R0335-Geometric Triangle Earrings
(SET10) R0652-Geometric Opal Earrings

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